My Hours in Meetings Doubled After my Promotion

Quick analysis about amount of time I spend in meetings per week after promotion

A Comprehensive Framework for QAing Digital Analytics

A framework and workflow that can be used to QAing digital analytics.

Creating Sparklines for Blog Post with R and Plumber

Using a R libarary called Plumber, we are able to create an API that exposes Google Analytics data to our website.

What gutting Net Neutrality is worth?

A quick summary of what states voted against Net Neutrality.

Where can you buy an Adventure Pass in Southern California?

A map of where you can buy an Adventure Pass, used to park in the wilderness, in Southern California.

Quantified Self – Analysis of my Time

A favorite subject of mine, this analysis looks at a combintion of my location and FitBit data to show some common trends over a few weeks.

A Few Helpful R Packages

Some helpful R packages that I use in almost every analysis I run.

Analysis of TSA Claims – Less than Expected

The TSA releases data about the number and type of claims made every year.These are some of the trends I found in that data set.

Driving Sucks on Thursdays – Analysis of my Commute

For about 2 years I was about an hour and half commute to work and somedays it was worse then others. This is an analysis of the worst days of my commute.

What 9 Million Parking Tickets Says About Los Angeles

When you have a traffic ridden city, you will have lots of parking tickets. This is an analysis of over 9 millon parking tickets showing trends like common times or locations.

10 Years of Color – Analysis on my Personal Photo Collection

Exploring my own life through 10 years of my photography. This analysis looks at the most common colors in the photos I have taken.

How to “Hack” Psychology Internships

Helping my wife understand her various options as she was looking for an internship for her Psy. D.

Pixel Implementation QA with Google Speadsheets

Collecting data through pixels in Google Spreadsheets using Google Tag Manager. Great to use along side other pixels for QA.

Van Gogh’s Life through his Favorite Colors

Exploring Van Gogh life through his paintings and the most common colors

This American Life – Visualized pt. 2

A look at the average speaking rate of our beloved podcast host, Ira Glass.

How often was Michelle Dugger pregnant?

Analysis of how often Mrs. Dugger was pregent from the hit TLC show, The Dugger Family.

Stray dogs in Los Angeles, CA

Using publicly available data about the stray animals in Los Angeles, we take a look at the trends about the cities stray dogs.

This American Life – Visualized

A few Tableau dashboards exploring some other ways to interact with the This American Life episodes.

Page Engagement: A New Measure of Success

Looking beyond pageviews, page enagment is a true way to measure the value of your content.